"So, to start podcasting you desire, hmm?"

Make you a great podcaster, bob thibodeau will, yes...hmmm!


"Bob Thibodeau My Primary Podcast Jedi is...Yesss"

"Learned well, Bob has.  To podcast over three years of successful experience helping other people, like you, in learning how. Great with this one, the force is!  Listen to him!"


Bob talking about himself. As good as I not. Hmmmmmm.

I have been in the online media business since 2010. I started (what is now) "Evangelism Radio," which has been rated #1 in the world (on several occasions) in the Christian-Talk genre. I have been doing podcasting since I started, though hit and miss for awhile (until I learned the "what, why and how" of podcasting. Now, I have been hosting a daily interview based podcast since January 2017. We have over 550 episodes and I have personally conducted over 350 interviews.  I have helped many others podcasters to get started in this exciting adventure!  Many of them have highly rated programs and have achieved numerous awards along the way. I know I will be able to help you, as well.


Ok. Enough enough. Get to work, let us. Yeesssssss.

"Made a plan I have.  Very systematic in how it works, this plan is.  Why it is successful, that is. If you follow each step, tap into the force within you, you will.  Successful, you will be, too.  Hmmmmmm."

Experienced great success with bob thibodeau, other jedi's have. Too, you can! Yes, hmmm.